É — Rede de Museus de Évora

Visual Identity and Creative Direction — 2019/2020

In a city with so much to offer culturally, often some of the institutions end up losing audiences in comparison to the better known ones, Évora Museum Network was created to join efforts and resources to bring to the public, in a cohesive and intentional way, some of these locations.

É – Évora Museum Network, an É that subtracts and encompasses, recognisable, phonetic, exclamatory. An aggregating institution for the various cultural sites of the city.l

An important part of the Network’s communication is related to a clear and trutfull photographic representation of the different institutions. For this, it was crucial to work on capturing images of spaces, objects, details, etc., defining a coherent and strong visual universe. Given the heterogeneity of spaces and themes, a differentiating angle was defined for each case that informed the image to be produced, resulting in a set with contrasting but complementing themes.